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Penny @ The Comforts of Home

OHHH! I can't wait to get my copy! It looks fabulous.


Looks amazing! I'll try and get hold of it in the UK. Thanks Fifi for the gorgeous photos x


Delicious as always! ... love the new shots especially from the Walsh, Wheeler and San Ynez photo shoots. Feast for the eyes! xx

Mary Salaber

Good stuff!! Yay!! Congratulations!! Do you EVER sleep???! Hooray, Hooray!

Erin Houghton

OOOHHH - my goodness -can't wait - everything looks fabulous. Thank you for the beautiful photos and little peek!

Congratulations on the new Country Sampler magazine.
Blessings and Best Wishes,
Erin and Bentley


I can not wait! Fifi...well done Ciao

Julie Marie

Oooh Fifi!... I cannot wait to get my copy, I will pre~order right away!... love love love all of those homes and photos... and recipes and animals!... so gorgeous!... ahhh, and Ralph Lauren is pretty easy on the eyes too... tee hee hee... thank you for the little peek at all of it... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie PS My premier issue of your Prairie magazine and my Romantic Prairie Style book and cookbook live on my coffee table at all times... I look at them often!... xoxo

Kat @ Low Tide High Style

Congratulations on all the great things you have going on. I know the new issue of Prairie Style will be amazing, and all of the photos are wonderful as always!

xo Kat


Tout best si beau..
Lovely to see you:-)


You are such a special soul Fifi.Thank you for all the beauty you bring us.I am so excited to see all you have created.So Bring it on !!! Many Blessings ~Kim

Cindy Roberts

Welcome home! Each photo looks great, Fifi! I've been trying to contact you and now I see you've been very busy. When you get a minute I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Fifi!

Cindy Roberts

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Congratulations, Ms. Fifi O'Neill, on bringing to us yet another fabulous 'Work of Heart'! It's so easy to see your love for what you do, as you do it so well. Thank you for inspiring us with tons of beauty every day! I can feel the energy and anticipation just through your gorgeous post! Looking forward to my time with all of these pretty magazines. Hope you get to take a break soon! You deserve it. Take care and enJOY.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas


Wonderful things to look forward to!


How completely beautiful! Can't wait and I will definitely subscribe. Some think the print media is dying but I sincerely hope that never, never happens because, while photos online are nice, nothing compares to sitting down at your leisure and opening the pages of a beautiful magazine to enjoy over and over again. I am so glad that you and Mark continue to bring us such loveliness. Thank you!

Linda Evans

OMG !!!!!!!! I have already ordered my copy...DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT !!!!!!!!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

I keep scrolling up and down this post as I cannot get enough of these magnificent photos...Congratulations and I cannot wait to see each and every publication. The "preview" has been so amazing!...glad that you can take a moment to breathe!

La Contessa

WOW!We have not heard from YOU in two months time but what GREAT NEWS YOU brought!THAT IS FANTASTIC!I just want you to know on my little site I get" SEARCHES"almost everyday for "What happened to PRAIRE STYLE Magazine?"SO, we better pre~order as you suggest cause it will not be there long on the shelves!Also,Fifi I am enjoying my PRAIRE STYLE COOKBOOK very much these past few days with rain here in California.I will be searching for something warm and delicious to make for tonights supper!Hope you haven't exhausted yourself out too much!Much Love……..XOXOXO


Lovely photos. Couldn't wait to scroll down to Texas, I live here. Bummer, not into junk. But, look forward to the magazines. Love Ralph Lauren!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

So excited for another issue of Prairie Style!! Thank you for the sneak peek, I am looking forward to seeing more of the Junk Gypsys!

Happy March!

Doré ...BurlapLuxe

Oh Fifi, you have been dearly missed here on your blog, but with a new posting of your where about we can see that you have been busy with great excitement as to placing your stamp of beauty in the pages of much loved publications.
The return of Romantic Prairie Style has been the talk of circles in asking what happened to such a great magazine, I will be pleased to tell all in my town it's returning in all it's glory.

Thank you for the up dates,
See you soon on all the stands nation wide


Gail Peterson

Lovely to have an update post! I look forward to some new inspiration from you and your talented team...Travel safe, Happy Spring!
P.S. Ralph Lauren has been my iconic favorite since I was 16...LOVE!

Diane Taylor

I wish I would have known you were in Louisiana!!! Where? We corresponded a few years back Fifi and I just was not able at the time to find other ladies in my area to make a trip possible! Cannot wait to see shoots!

Melanie Walsh

I am so excited to see the issue Fifi!
It looks like it will be amazing!
I still can't believe our home is going to be inside!
I'm so lucky! ~Mel xoxo


Love the sneak peeks, Fifi! Can't wait to see the features in the magazine! I've missed your posts. Hope you are well.


Hi Fifi please send your magazine to Europe too?Thanks!!!xoxo

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