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I know exactly what you mean! After 30 years in So Cal and now Florida, I only have vague memories of snowy white Christmases spent in Canada when I was a child! I wish we could have just a few weeks of snow!


With all my love and festive wishes!
I don't like tea OR hot chocolate; but I do have a pack of Christmas Pudding flavoured coffee waiting in the cupboard to be'll either be lovely or vile!
Z xx

Doré. BurlapLuxe

A Joyeux Noël Fifi,
The weather here has been nice as well. We are just starting to get some rain, high winds and snow in the mountains, my only wish is that we got enough snow to brag about. I wish you a bit of chill your way style holidays feel a bit more cozy for you.

I you want a little chill to your bones your welcome to visit us, we will sever you up hot coco and head up to the mountains with our sleds :)

Your shed of Jardin is all that it is, simple and authentic.
Love the grey's and touches of green.

See you soon beautiful with what next you inspire.




It's just perfect Fifi!

I know ~ just the other day we had the same weather here in Georgia, but now it's drizzly and cold.

Hope you have been well. Happy holidays to you this season.

Ciao bella,


I love your festive shed. One of these days I will have one to decorate and play in.


Pendant qu'ici à Paris, sous la grisaille et le froid, je rêve de soleil et de ciel bleu ! Un petit échange ?




C'est cute comme tout!


Your shed is so Christmas cottage charming!!! I love Northern California where I live because we get both...the cold and the hot. It was actually supposed to snow this weekend (and it never snows here in the valley) but all we got was icy rain. We can drive up the hill 30 mins to reach snow though. Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent xo


Your decor is very pretty, and unique. I love seeing what you do.
You would love Winnipeg right now, we already have a foot of snow on the ground, and as you know it stay for several months. I'm like you, I love the cold weather and snow. I go for a 45 minute walk every day, unless it's more than -30 with wind chill, then I like to stay inside?
Have a good week!

Jessica Bell

Beautiful girl.


So pretty! We have no shortage of snow/sleet/ice and cold this year up here in Pennsylvania! We joke the four seasons consist of winter/potholes/summer/road construction!


Joyous Noel,

Very pretty decorated shed in its simplicity, with just the right touches. I grew up in Upstate NY, so we always had tons of snow - lots of ice skating, sleigh riding and buckets of hot chocolate. My sister lives in Sarasota and she wouldn't live in Upstate NY again for anything.

Are you still planning to move?

Penny @ The Comforts of Home

It is so charming Fifi! I know what you mean. I lived in Naples, Fl for over 20 years and it was hard to get into the holiday spirit. Now, living in the Asheville, NC area, it is easier. But so far this year we have only had a dusting of snow over Thanksgiving.


It is adorable! I'd be happy to send you some snow! :)

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

After living most of my life in Florida, I so know what you mean…I use to pray for a "cooler day" to go and get our tree…not the same when you are in shorts and flip flops picking out a Christmas Tree…but now here in NC, I am complaining a bit about the cold, dreary rain!…So 82 right now sounds great!!!


I lived in Florida or several years. I don't miss. I'll take the cold snowy days. It's seems people are either hot weather lover or you're not. I'm in the not group. I hope your dream to relocate happens soon. Change is exciting! Lovely photos as always.


How cute are your baskets! I love the striped red and white ribbon. It's just the perfect touch...


Janet Bernasconi

I feel the same way Fifi. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. I used to lived in New York City most of my life until I moved to Florida about 12 years ago. It's during Christmas that I miss the cold weather and snow too. I love our weather for the most part, but it would feel so lovely to have some cool weather. By the way, I just bought a camera and will be taking photos to send you very soon.
Have a wonderful week. Let's hope it cools down soon. :)
Janet Bernasconi

jan perry

Just home after a 5 hour drive through snowy roads! And I'm ready for hot chocolate and a fire! Tomorrow is cleaning and Wednesday night we'll do some decorating and perhaps the tree on the weekend. It is easier getting into the spirit when all the icons are real, like snow, evergreens, scarves, mitts, sledding and all those wonderful things. In any case, enjoy all the lead up and the holidays for their fabulous fun times of family and friends where ever you are.

Carole Prisk

Enjoyed the pictures---I'm in Michigan's upper peninsula and it has been in the single digits for days.Br-r-r

Leena Lanteigne

Very cute, Fifi! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena

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