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Lovely! Everything..
So reflective of the style that you have put on the map~
Good for you~


In love with Prairie Couture & Prairie Style.

Can't wait to order a basket for here and fill with fleurs from farmers market!

Looking forward to hearing more about your next book too, Fifi. I know it will be amazing, like everything you create in style.

Julie Marie

Oh Fifi, everything looks just gorgeous!... I can't wait to get one of those Prairie tablecloths with the ruffles!... and the dresses are sooo pretty!... and of course I want some baskets too... actually, I want it all!... also excited for your new book!... when can we look for it?... xoxo Julie Marie


Very exciting stuff, Fifi! You are so very creative, I'm sure you find it hard to stop your mind from going 24/7 just in order to sleep!
I'm looking forward to seeing more!
Hugs, Cindy


LOVE LOVE LOVE it all, Fifi!!! Can hardly wait for your next book.....and when will you publish another issue of Romantic Prairie Style magazine???? I would love to subscribe!

Oh, and please please please keep us gals with "athletic" calves in mind when creating your boots??? I adore tall leather boots, but I can never pull them up past my calves. :(

xoxo laurie


Oh my god! That's so exciting! I LOVE the look! I already know i have to have one of the baskets... and i've always loved your style. I can't wait to have the chance to purchase a Fifi original!


Gail Smith-Peterson

Congrats FIFI,
Your line is going to be a beautiful! It seems to capture your style so well!
It is no small feat designing a line from just a concept. So much goes into it, I had my own label and started it from just an idea and it consumed me for 11 years!
Promise you... when you see it manufactured and in stores you will feel so proud that you saw it through, it is such a accomplishment.
I wish you the best and look forward to your new book as well.

Leena Lanteigne

Fifi, this is so exciting! I lvoe the denim and lace in clothing, the baskets with the liners and boots are one of my favorite things! I can't wait to see more! Congratulations on seeing your dreams and ideas become realities! Hugs, Leena

Jessica Bell

Beautiful Fifi did you draw all that? I am so excited to see what you do next.


I love everything of Prairie Style. The Prairie Couture is fabulous !!!! Will it be available in Belgium ?
Have a nice day !


so so wonderful creations : j'adore !
Bisous de PARIS sous la neige


Wow! So feminine and fun. Love the home decor. ; )


I'm mad for the tablecloth and the adorable dishes!Delightful.

susan allen

my mouth has dropped and not closed yet i just keep looking at it of course it is most definately FiFi but truly its in such a big way i feel the cat is finally out of the bag to wonderful peaceful living and i wondererd what all you had been up to well j'adore!!!


You never cease to amaze me! I can't wait to buy one of everything!

La Contessa

GOOD GRIEF YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY MADAME FiFi!!!!THose boots with the ticking and those baskets.............YES ~ YES ~ YES!We are all waiting patiently.............I recently read somewhere where that SHABBY CHIC woman was using the PRARIE word to describe something she was doing!I WONDER WHERE SHE GOT THAT IDEA!!!!!!!!She is no more PRARIE then Im FRENCH!We all look forward to the new book..........and when is that FRENCH MAGAZINE popping up on shelves, seems like about now?

Teddee Grace

The ticking boots are a real kick! Make sure to offer in wide calf for us real country girls!


Oh Fifi...everything is so lovely! I love that you have really put your style "on the map." I am so looking forward to your next book and your new line! Those boots are so darling!




Hi Fifi,
Everything looks so romantic and very feminine. My style also, I really love the linen and denim. The top is lovely the way the back flows is so pretty. I think the back of a top should be just a pretty as the front. After all people do see us coming and going...
I wish you much success.
I look forward to seeing more.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


OMG, fifi!!!

i remember you telling me about this venture and i am so excited to see it in the final stages of coming true!!! it all looks brilliant!

you are inspiring and indefatigable as always! please check your email, 'kay?

love and hugs, my fairy!


YAY!!! So exciting, multi talented friend. Can't wait to see everything take are an inspiring, creative wonder. No matter what you do, it's fabulous, mon cherie. xoxo Lidy

Susan Krauss

OH EM GEE!! Alll gorgeous! Please tell me the clothes will come in plus sizes????!!!!

Vickielynn Thornburg

Aloha Fifi, I can't wait to shop for your oh so feminine clothing! I always have tried to dress like the "little lady" my mother has taught me to be, and my 19 yr old daughter is happy to be wearing the same pretty clothes too!Excitedly waiting for all of your new line! Mahalo, Vicky

Curtains In My Tree

Your on a roll it looks like


I want those dresses in the first photo!!
I LOVE the length (want my knees to breathe, haha!) and the high waists...the sleeves..just perfect.

lindsay c janes

OMG FIFI, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL:) It,s so stunning all of it,I am so excited to scoop it all up, also can't wait for the new book n mag,u are sure to please, your so totally amazing at everything u do,can't wait wait to see what's next,you keep us all on our toes,soon to be fashioned in beautiful prarie style boots;) xoxo your totally inspired friend Lindsay of warkworth;);)


OMGOSH Fifi, I've been away from bloging for so long, and look what I've been missing!!!!
How exciting! I simply can't wait.. WHEN WHEN WHEN darling are these pretties available, and where???


It's all so pretty. I will want some of everything!


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