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You're so adorable..
I mean really..xx


Hello dear lady,
Your wardrobe is lovely, I adore those boots. The winter here has been pretty nice. It's -9 Celsius now and has been hovering around that temp for the last month. It has snowed for five or six days straight, but the flakes are lazily floating through the sky, not causing traffic problems, just looking pretty. My favourite thing to do is to walk through falling snow.
Merry Christmas and many blessings in 2013!
Hugs, Cindy

Dore Callaway

Fifi you are styling girl, you could make a brown paper bag look like fashion on your cute bod !!

Keep it youthful, forever young to match your personality.

lots of love,
O, Fifi, Hannah was like awwww! look at fifi, and all her cuteness.

A Joyeux Noel



You are just too cute!!! We're in Florida also and today was definitely chillier than it has been! Loving it though:)


FiFi - I'm spending the holidays like you are. I have rented several movies and will be on the sofa with my quilt and my 2 cats. Everyone keeps don't need to be home by yourself. I keep telling them...Yes I do. I need a break and want to enjoy my time to myself. I love your blog and I love the way you decorate your home.

Stacy Stewart

You look really beautiful Fifi! Your charm and whimsy comes across even in the way your dress! Merry Christmas to you! xo

Kat @Low Tide High Style

Looking stylish and fabulous as always! Joyeux Noel to you and the kitties!

xoxo Kat


I LOVE your style. You are one of my style icons, and i'm soooo going over to find those boots! You look darn good girl!



You are just the cutest thing ever, Fifi. :) I just adore your style!

xoxo laurie


I so want those boots!!!!

Leena Lanteigne

Fifi, you are simply adorable! I love your leggings outfit and those boots are so sweet! Enjoy your Christmas and many blessings in the coming year! Looking forward to reading more about your ventures and adventures in 2013! Hugs, Leena


de très jolies tenues!
Belles fêtes

Tracy Martinez

So, so pretty. Thanks for sharing your outfits with us. I hope you post more Florida Winter Fashions.
Happy Holidays to you.
I'm going to check out the boot catalog
Tracy M.

La Contessa

LOVE THE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!I didnot see them in this catalog!I just ordered a long grey skirt from them which I have worn almost everyday this week!It has a TAIL!!!!!!

Jan Perry

those boots are awesome! You are so slender, do you work at it or is it just how you are? I fight my weight all the time, having just lost 60 lb, and have discovered that emotions play a huge part. I can follow the same eating plan without cheating and one day loose weight and the next day gain weight if I've been emotionally upset. I always knew my weight could fluctuate a lot for what I thought was no reason, but now I know I must remain evenly keeled.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

You look beautiful, Fifi! I love that top in the first picture and the sweater a bit further down.


Oh Fifi what a wonderful outfit, so much fun. Enjoy your time at home and have a very Merry Christmas.


Happy Chrissy Hols to you from Australia. Love the beauty you're blog brings my day. Is there a way I can purchase your mags from here. Love and beautiful days

Rachel Noelle Pallas

You find the best deals! LOVE your style!
xox Rachel Pallas


Hi Fifi
I loved your winter fashion show!
We were at Longboat Key and I thought of you. I figured you were busy so I didn't try to connect with you this time. Also wondered if you might have already moved.
We had beautiful weather and left just before the cold settled in there.
Hope you have a nice Christmas


Love the fluffy white sweater and those collars. Keep warm! ; )

women fashion shoes

Wearing leggings,boots and a fluffy sweater in winters is a great fashion idea!Overall outfit is looking superb on you.Got so much to learn from this post!Will keep your post in my idea!


Love the boots. Can't help myself

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