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~tea girl~

Hi Fifi,
These pictures are FABULOUS !! And soo dreamy .. And soo much snippets of PiNk ... You are truly such an inspiration !! There is soo much to LoVe and take in !! Romantic overload .. Ooohh my !!

Soo happy you got to the dentist and are feeling better .. that could sure of ruined a great time .. I'm soo excited to get this new Romantic Country in my little hands .. Thanks for staying soo true to what Romantic, shabby, vintage is all about !! that's why I just adore what ever you do .. Have a happy day sweet one ~
Hugs ~tea~ xo


Wow FiFi,
Everything looks so amazing. That little studio/cottage up the hill over the bridge etc.
How great!!!
You get to do the most fun things.
I'm so looking forward to the magazine coming out. Can't wait to read it.
Have a fab weekend!!!


hi fifi,

i have been anxiously awaiting a post about your trip! so fun to relive the experience (and so happy to know you enjoyed the cupcakes)!

gosh, what a wacky adventure you and dan had! i will be sure to visit all of the links you've posted. the studio on the hill is dreamy. so looking forward to the new issue of RC!

happy weekend!


the last photo in this post of you is beautiful!!! you would never know that you had been through such misshaps!

Brenda @ Shabby Cats and Roses

Hello Fifi, WOW!! What you could show of photos of these homes are simply stunning!! I am so happy you were able to walk up that plank and NOT fall off....I'd be too afraid, not liking heights too well, lol!! But what an amazing studio!! Boy, what an adventure you had....I'm exhausted just from reading your post! HOW do you do it :)

Love the cover of the new Romantic Country magazine! Can't wait to get my issue in the mail....which reminds me....I haven't renewed my subscription yet...YIKES!! I think this is the last issue...better get on the ball :)

Have a fabulous up...glad your poor tooth is all better :0

Warmest Hugs, Brenda


Hi Fifi -
Elyse is one of my best blogging friends and when I found out you were going to NY, I just had a feeling that you might be visiting Sandy.

You weren't far from my little cottage - Sandy and I live in the same general area.

Can't wait to see the results of your shoots.


Bonjour Romance

Bonjour Fifi,
What a busy time you've had. ALl the photos look marvelous, what a talented team.
Glad to hear you got the tooth taken care of. I did the same thing this past Chrsitmas holiday, I can sympathise with all the incredible pain. Hope you are feelling better now! That last photo fo you is fabulous!
Enjoy your weekend,


I was so excited about Elyse's home being featured! She is just the sweetest thing next to sugar!

I emailed your friend as I home a home in Co- feeling pretty stupid to even think I have a chance- maybe in 15 years when lots of the major projects get finished but thought it would be fun to try anyways!

bee blessed


Oh Fifi....I had NO idea that's how you, in the mag business, set up shoots! YIKES....I can't imagine. HOW do you do such great work with NO sleep? I enjoyed your virtual tour and can't wait to see the magazine... :-) Those who read your blog will have the inside scoop of your tooth sorry that happened and so happy to hear you're all fixed up.

Warm blessings,

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Fifi, so glad you did a shoot of Sandy's studio. I've been loving her blog and all the pics she posts of it. Can't wait for the issue to come and check out the rest. If you ever want places to shoot in Texas, I'd love to show you some great places. Take care, Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage


HI Fifi,absolutely loved all the pics and your adventures! I live in Australia and managed to get some Romantic Country mags from ebay.. but I would love to subscribe and get the magazine sent to me so I don't miss any issues. Do you mail overseas? take care, Maryann ps glad to hear your tooth is better!


Wow I feel like I was fortunate enough to look in someone's private treasure chest filled with wonderful jewels. I love it! That plank took some doing but I'm so glad you did it....the pictures and that place...both amazing. What beauty! Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of this. I'm in S. California and just drool over East Coast homes....
Thank you so much.

The Polka Dot Closet

OMG what a great post all the gorgeous homes to precious animals...Mom and kittens! It was just breathtaking and the tooth lord, so glad you got it fixed! You don't need to lose any weight. I can not wait for the next Romantic Country! There has to be 100's maybe 100's of magazines out there , but that is the ONE! It comes right to my mail box! This is crazy, but I hate to start reading it because then it will be over! So, sometimes I just look at it for a day or two...Crazy I know!



First, I a so glad to hear your tooth is taken care of~that is so painful!
The photos are all eyecandy....I follow Sandy's blog, now I'm off to see the others you posted.

Thank you so much for your sneak peaks!

Your photo is beautiful!

Hope you get some rest before you're off again!

Karen @ Brayton Homestead Interiors

what a jamb packed trip full of adventure. sounds exhilerating and exhausting! love your work it is just amazing to me ...



Mon Dieu!
What a trip you had!! Kind of like the good, the bad and the painful!! I can relate to the tooth problem I broke one of mine about a year ago on a piece of lettuce, yes, a piece of lettuce. Fortunately I made it to the dentist the next day. I am glad that you were able to get it taken care of but those days before the dentist must have been agonizing. Your saving grace was all the great and wonderful homes and people you were able to visit!
You are quite brave to carry on so effienctly while in such distress. Shows what a pro you really are.
I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor in the next issues of the magazine.
Stay well and get some well deserved rest.

A Bientot


Fifi, you are too sweet! And I know how hard you worked at the shoots I went to, but to read what you had done beforehand made me exhausted!!! You are truly a wonderful person and I feel so lucky to be able to call you my friend! I'm so excited to see all of the wonderful homes you and Dan worked on, I know they will all be amazing!


XO Kat

Susan Freeman

What a precious cottage/studio at the top of that steep slippery slope!! Fabulous! By they way, sweet Lily looks so much like my Bentley!!
Thank you for sharing these dreamy photos with us.

Susan and Bentley


What a treat it was to see this post. All the hard work that goes into these shoots is appreciated by the readers. Can't wait to see your next post and the Romantic country magazine. Great job and thanks for taking time to give us a sneak peek.


All I can say is, I am glad you feel better, and Heaven must surely look like some of these photos!!


Wow! What a post...what a long trip for you! I know I'll appreciate the magazine more (didn't think that was possible) hearing all the work that goes into it. It looks like it will be another great issue, and I can't wait. ; )


Fifi-so good to have you back!
The post is full of fab eye-candy; I want to totally re-do my home now!! Missed your posts when you were away but then you come back and WOW!
Glad you managed to get your tooth fixed. I think toothache is the most evil thing ever! And you have nothing to show for it!
Can't wait to read the good news??
Have fun, Z xx

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

I am so jealous that you got to step into Sandy's studio ~ her blog is always a sweet haven to visit! So looking forward to seeing this issue...Vintage Lizzie on the Cape (sort of my back yard) ~ I feel like I know everyone you are featuring!


Fifi, what great pics!! LizlovesVintage


FiFi, I am so excited you did the "Streamside Studio" I look at her blog all the time, isn't it great? Although I didn't realize the access to it was like that!!! WOW. Looks like we are going to get a lot of eye candy in upcoming issues. Can't wait to get the next issue in the mail, Romantic Country is my FAVORITE magazine in the whole world. Glad you got your tooth fixed, don't you hate it when that happens?
glitter and roses

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Lavender Hill Studio

Every picture looks amazing. That studio has to be the best studio I have ever seen! What an adventurous life you lead Fifi! I can't wait to see the next issue...


Fifi....I had no idea how much driving you have to do for each magazine shoot! Not so great doing it with a sore mouth! I am sure it is all worth it when you walk into such beautiful settings! I am anxiously awaiting my latest magazine in the mail!~Hugs, Patti


quel merveilleux post et ce voyage , quel merveille ! par contre, le malheureux problème avec cette dent cassée a du bien vous faire souffrir - heureusement que vous avez trouvé un
dentiste ...
où repartez vous de nouveau ?
j'adore toutes les photos que vous avez faites !
merci encore - bonne soirée


what a crazy, fast, wonderful's amazing how much you all get done in such a short period of time. Truly hard to even imagine all of what goes into the wonderful photos you have us all dreaming over. Thanks for sharing the journey!


Welcome Back, Fifi! You've been missed!

The pictures you've posted are gorgeous. I can't wait to see them in all their glory when the magazine comes out.

I am loving all the pink you used. Soft, romantic, and definitley smile-inducing. :-)

I'm so glad you're feeling better. There is nothing worse than being under the weather when you're not home.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


Sweet FiFi,
Wonderful to know you are well again.OMG!reading your *adventures* were almost too exhausting. So a big THANK YOU to you for giving us such a beautiful magazine! After reading that Sandy's blog is having problems I sighed a little bit of relief b/c I was having problems(have to be invited? hadn't before) getting to her blog. *sad-very sad* I love her blog a whole lot!!!


Stunning photos Fifi..cant wait for come out..wish it was every month..I know ,I know...all that work..Lorraine...



Kat has been very supportive of my new blog and my side career as a paint color consultant here in Southern Maryland. I help do one of your "shoots" bedroom, Cathy. Don't you just love her home.

If you ever need anything feel free to drop me a line. If you have time check out my blog.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad

Enjoyed hearing the details of it all - It is easy to assume someone else's life is perfect and their job is easy. You worked hard for those gorgeous photos!


Wow Fifi, I can't wait for my next issure of Romantic Country! I also adore your sweet Yorkie...I had a Yorkie named "Chocolate Eclair" and we adored her. She is no longer with us and now we have a Silky Terrier! I enjoyed reading your post and drooling over the photos. Sincerely, Ann

Jan Perry  aka redjanfan

Is it a grande life, writing?? Certainly looks like it, right after all the hard work and marathon travelling to "get the shot". I have just started a copy writers course through AWAII, and am looking forward to trying out my talents (or lack thereof) and honing some skills. Your blog is such an inspiration and allows some backroom voyerism for the hopeful writers/stylists/travellers.


That studio has me just drooling fifi! I can't believe you were in our neck of the woods! I wish time weren't so tight for you & dan & that we could meet for a quick lunch! sorry about your tooth, but glad it got fixed (nothing worse than a broken tooth) I would have had my retired dentist dad fix it if you were here-lol! so glad you are home & comfy even if it's only for a bit. your travel schedule makes me exhausted! can't wait for the next issue of RC-xoxo tutti


That studio of Sandy's is just such an unexpected piece of heaven. Is that not the most special little getaway ever?? Worth the little hike in!! All of the homes are just amazing! The pictures of you are great too!! You're so tiny and you have the most beautiful hair!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful shots. Glad you're feeling better. I don't think there is anything worse than dental pain except the pain I get in the stomach from taking the Advil from the dental pain!! LOL!! Sherri: )


Just hopped over from Low Tide High Style and have enjoyed reading your blog! I look forward to seeing these sessions in the magazine! I am a new follower!

Alison Gibbs

OMG Fifi you have such an exhausting schedule.
Such fabulous photos. I think you should have dropped in from a helicopter to Sandy's studio.
Some news for you- remember when sweet Riley was born just over 2 years ago well now he will have a brother or sister in November!

Elaine L.

whew! Reading your post made me feel exhausted. I wish I had some of your energy.

The photos are beautiful and can't wait to see them when they're in the magazine.

I especially love the little studio. It's hard to believe that it's smaller than one of my bedrooms.


Elizabeth Marchus

Hi Fifi,
You poor dear trying to work with a broken molar. Thank goodness a dentist was found! Such fun and adventure for you and Dan. The photo shoots were delightful to see.
The Italian mags are so pretty, really a treat to see. I have enjoyed reading your post today and I can't wait to receive my copy of Romantic country in the mail. I will keep my eyes open for it.
Have a wonderful day,
Hugs, Elizabeth


Fifi, when are you going to start your own fashion line??? Please :):)

Love the pics, gorrrrgeous work! Always love reading this, I have it in my bloglines, but always go to the website to get the full vibe. It's that special.


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio



I really loved you and Dan coming up to my studio - sorry about the 'adventures'!!!

My hens, dogs, and little Miss ZuZu all say hi!

We loved having you and look forward to seeing the magazine.

Congrats and kudos on the Italian magazines - ciao!

Sandy & Todd

Angela Harris

So glad Sandy's Cottage is going to be featured!! It is stunning! And I 'm over the moon that my Pink ephemeral roses were photographed by the famous Fifi!!
I can't wait to see if the roses make the magazine!!
Thanks for all of the hard work you do to make such a beautiful magazine~!
~Angela Harris

Jonny Petros- Salone Di Petros

Hi Fifi, I love the photograph of you, you look so pretty its a perfect shot and I love the top your wearing All the pictures are beautiful cannot wait to get the magazine, I just cant get over the studio what a spectacular place to have. Sincerely,Jonny


Oh Fifi!
How do you do it? I need a nap after just reading what you did! hee! hee!
ALL of the places you were able to share were absolutely always!!! karen....


How absolutely, deliriously fabulous!
What else can I say!

Flora Doora


Hi Fifi, I've seen your pictures recently in some of the blogs I follow, and today I found you through Maria at Dreamy Whites. I, I'm sure like the rest of the world, am in love with your home!!! It's simply gorgeous, as are you. Looking forward to reading your posts. ~Stacey

Debi Coules

Hi Fifi,
My jaw always dropps when I come to visit you! I love Sandy's cottage, it is like a dream!Always an inspiration to come here!


i'm a new reader and when all's said & done, you are a warrior. a pink & mighty one. *:)



This was my first visit and I think I am dreaming, your style is incredible, I am addicted now. I love it. Do you ever plan to visit Ireland? Hugs, Margie.


How fun to follow you along to these darling homes and people!

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